The Founder

Involve in Technology and Digital Entrepreneurship Development for more than 17 years

  1. Started career as a school teacher, along the process ventured into Digital World since 2004.
  2. Key expertise in Mobile Development, E-Commerce Development, CMS, LMS, PHP, Jaya Script, RPA and Robotic Industries.
  3. Director of Malaysia International Digital Entrepreneurship Center (MIDEC) & SME Digital Leadership Center by CDED
  4. HRD Corp Certified Trainer
  5. An authorized eCommerce coach recognized by The Chamber of Digital Entrepreneurship Development Malaysia.
  6. Certified Ali Baba NetPreneur Trainee directly from ALI BABA Business School, Hangzhou, China.

Frequently on Major Media: 

  1. As a panel for “National Digital Initiatives” on Radio and TV: Bernama, RTM, ASTRO, News Papers


  1. Chief Trainer for Digital Entrepreneurship Mastery in E-Commerce 2019 for 630 pax nationwide for Kementerian Perpaduan Negara, Jabatan Perdana Menteri through MITRA collaboration with MDEC.
  2. MDEC’s Brainstorm panel for the “E-Commerce Framework 2020”.
  3. Advisor for various NGOs, Companies and individuals in the field of “Digitalization”.
  4. Panel in “Multilateral Trading Policy – World Trade Organization, lead by Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia (MITI)”
  5. Catalyzed more than 5000 participants since 2008 in Digital and Technology Events

Flagship Events:

  1. National Malaysian Digital Economy Conference 2017, 2018 and 2019
  2. Social Media Trends 2018, 2019 and 2020
  3. IoT Technology 2019
  4. Technology Disruption 2018
  5. Technology related Virtual Events since 2020 

We switch you onto the right channel to Embark your Digital Journey

Our Mission

Propel Digital Adoption

Bridging Offline and Online

Business Sustainability via Online Tools

Creating New Income Stream Line

Provide Proper e-Commerce Onboarding Support and Strategy

Shared Economy Business Model

Our Experts


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